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After joining the Excel team I learned a lot about the product and it's innumerable features. In the beginning I could only barely follow conversations my colleagues were having about formulas. Humbled, I tried my best to learn everything I could, and spent a lot of time making my own spreadsheets. Two years later, I'm still learning. But I've began compiling my own list of experiences that I believe should be re-thought. Here's my working list...
Formula authoring
This is core to Excel, if this isn't best-in-class here, we're doing something wrong.
View modes
These haven't been re-thought in years. There's a lot different + interesting of ways to render data.
Commanding + keyboard
The ribbon is a tanker of features all vying for attention, all bound to convoluted keystrokes, this needs some love.
Format / Data Types
Links, images, charts, attachments, phone numbers, addresses, checkboxes, emails are all second class citizens.
Better themes
The Excel grid remains white, and some UI components aren't colored correctly. I'm looking at you, scrollbars ಠ_ಠ
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