Having worked on Windows 10's iconography for over 3 years I felt I was done making icons for a while. However, I slowly started creeping back into the space in my spare time. Icon-making, it turns out, had transformed from a job into fun. Here are some of my icon projects...
iOS-style ICONS for mac
I don't know about you, but I don't care much for Apple's default app icons. The needless tilt, the fact that some are identical to iOS except in a circle and not a rounded square. Not to mention how 3rd-party applications completely ignore Apple's precedent. It can be a mess to say the least for anyone with more than a few apps installed. If you start looking at places like Dribbble, Deviant Art, and even Reddit you can find communities of people making their own.
Back in 2009 Icon Factory was making highly-polished iOS style icons, called Flurry icons. I thought these were great at the time, but now they are dated by their pre-iOS 7 feel. I didn't think about this for a long time until I got a new MacBook Pro from work in 2017. Seeing the Mac app icons again re-ignited my need to change it up. So I started creating my own...
Single-line Icons
This is a set I've been developing for use on passion projects, like my Excel case study. The idea is that you wouldn't lift your hand while drawing one. This isn't a new concept. MyMail does a notable job of this already. I just wanted to bring my own personal touch to see what I could come up with.
Music Genre Icons for Groove
Microsoft's Groove music app has been discontinued as of October 2017. Before this happened though, I had an opportunity to design some really fun icons for them. Their music genre icons 😍
I iterated through possibly hundreds of designs. Here are some of my favorites...
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